Our Purpose: Seek justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly

Our Mission: Hand in Hand, Street by Street

Our Vision: We work together to serve the neighborhood and empower the community

The 6:8 Project was established in 2013 by Rev. Dana Jones with the purpose of working together to serve the Greenway neighborhood and empower the community in order to “do justice, love kindness, and to walk humbly” [Micah 6:8]. Currently, the 6:8 Project uses the house at 1912 Portland Ave., a Trinity Habitat for Humanity home, as a base of operations. Some of the leaders of the Greenway 6:8 Project are from the Greenway neighborhood, some are from Emmanuel Presbyterian Church of Bedford, and some are other interested individuals from the community. Both the neighborhood association and the 6:8 Project enjoy collaboration with Greenway Church on Delga St. Activities of the organization in the Greenway neighborhood have included regular fresh vegetable and fruit delivery from the Tarrant Area Food Bank, minor repairs and maintenance of houses, summer lunch and enrichment activities program for kids, a reading program with Little Free Library, neighborhood cleanups, vaccine clinics, National Night Out, bible and book studies, adult fellowship gatherings, an oral history project, and activities with TCU faculty and students. See the blog post that gives a video description of the 6:8 Project. The 6:8 Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The 6:8 Project was conceived as a ministry of accompaniment whose goal is for people to engage in deep fellowship with God and neighbors. Accompaniment is a way of walking with others and sharing meaningful interactions and connections with neighbors in order to build and encourage community.

In his work The Nazareth Manifesto, The Rev. Dr. Sam Wells outlines three ways of doing mission. First, there is “working for,” the effort to do ministry/service on behalf of others. This type of mission is often conducted without consultation with, or even a request by, those who will benefit from the mission. It does not presuppose a relationship between the doer and receiver of the mission. “Working with” is a framework of mission which places the mission doer alongside the mission recipient. Such mission is often conducted at the request of the recipient, and often, relationships are built around the doing and receiving of mission. “Being with” is a model of mission in which relationships of mutuality and reciprocity occur. Both give to and receive from the other. The goal of their relationship over time becomes simply to be in relationship. Their lives are shared and lived, explored and given, in such a way that an essential equality is born which would not have been apparent had they not engaged together. Part of the goal of The 6:8 Project is to embrace the “Being With” model.