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Summer Lunch
Loving and Empowering our Neighbors
Litter Stomp, October 2023
National Night Out, October 2023
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Scholarship applications due Dec 1
Sat Nov 4 2023: Loving and Empowering Our Neighbors: See the results. Thank you, all!
Sat Oct 14, 2023: The Litter Stomp cleaned up the Greenway neighborhood significantly.
The 6:8 Project was established in 2013 under the leadership of Rev. Dana Jones of Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, and it started working actively with the Greenway Neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas in 2014. Originally run solely by the church, it is now an independent 501(c)(3). The mission of the 6:8 Project is Hand in hand, street by street and derives its name from Micah 6:8; our purpose is to “Seek justice, love kindness, walk humbly” in accompaniment and advocacy with this low-income, ethnically diverse, and yet spirit-filled neighborhood. The project partners with residents as well as with Trinity Habitat for Humanity, the Greenway Neighborhood Association, Greenway Church, Presbyterian churches and other organizations and uses the house at 1912 Portland Ave., a Trinity Habitat for Humanity home, as a base of operations.

“To speak of the love for humanity is meaningless. There is no such thing as humanity. What we call humanity has a name, was born, lives on a street, gets hungry, needs all the particular things we need. As an abstract, it has no reality whatsoever.”

— Howard Thurman, “Mysticism and the Experience of Love”

We walk and learn together and do mission with each other; please take a look at these pages to find out what we do and how you can help.